After the success of our last 3-D ad campaign for Toyota in the Sports Illustrated 2000 Swimsuit Edition, we were asked to shoot two new images for placement in the Olympic 3-D Special edition. One was for the launch of the Sequoia and the other was for the redesigned RAV4.

The creative led us from the majesty of the Tetons to the sparseness of the desert to the lushness of the only rainforest in the continental United States. Every location had special challenges from lighting to weather to special effects. Our on-site 3-D digital proofing system proved invaluable and helped us to maximize the effects of every element in the shots, making them truly launch off the page at you.

The post work was also tricky. Like our previous shot taken in Hawaii under a waterfall, these images were created from multiple angles and locations, seemlessly laced together by Todd personally.

Click a thumbnail on the left to see it full size--Enjoy the work!