Feb. 2002 Lürzer's International Archive Vol. 6-2001
Bridgedale Socks Campaign
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October 2001 Kodak Metallic Paper Launch Imagery
December 2000 Communication Arts Adv. Annual
Harley-Davidson® National Advertising Campaign - 4 spreads
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2000 Cannes Lions Finalist - various Carmichael Lynch Campaign
June 5, 2000 Work Highlighted in Creative Awards
2000 Kelly Awards Top Honors - Carmichael Lynch Campaign
Feb. 2000 Lürzer's International Archive Vol. 6-1999
IAAA Statue
Harley-Davidson® 1999 Motorcycles National Print
World Medal-New York Festivals
Print Advertising - 1999 Harley-Davidson® Catalog
American Advertising, Fall 1999
IAAA Statue
Harley-Davidson® 1997 Full Product Catalogue